IFTU Delhi Cimmitee Press Statment on February 28th All-India Strike

Dated: Februaury 28th, 2012

Press Release

IFTU leads strikes in Mayapuri area, Implements Strike in Okhla Phase I & II

In keeping with the IFTU National Committee’s Call for Industrial Strike on 28th Feb 2012 along with all other Trade Union Centers, Delhi IFTU Committee implemented strike call in various industrial areas today.

In Okhla Phase II, IFTU along with other unions began a rally from Harkesh Nagar which moved along closing the area and ended at a mass meeting at the Power House. In Okhla Phase I, IFTU and other unions began a rally from Tehkhand. The rally marched through the industrial area and ended by joining the phase II mass meeting at the Power House. About 700 workers participated steadily in either of the two rallies. The mass meeting was addressed among other by Dr. Animesh Das (President, Delhi IFTU) and Dr. Mrigank (Member, IFTU Delhi committee). Dr. Das demanded roll back of ‘new’ economic policies. He condemned the central & Delhi Govt. for giving permission for contract workers on permanent jobs and said the central and Delhi Govts. Were the biggest exploiters of contractual labour. Delhi Govt. does not bother to implement even statutory labour laws. He congratulated workers of Delhi for supporting the strike and called on them to intensify the struggle.

In Mayapuri Industrial Area, IFTU leaders led a rally of over 1000 workers from B block of Mayapuri Phase I, which later crossed over into Mayapuri Phase II. Mass meeting was held at Gulab House addressed   by Com. Rajesh (Member, IFTU Delhi committee), Com. Raj Kumar (Member, IFTU Area committee) and Com. Virender (President NBS). Many owners in all the areas had closed their factories today to subvert the Strike call just as they subvert implementation of statutory laws.