PDSU-NBS Statement on FYUP and June 3rd incident

Progressive Democratic Students’ Union (PDSU) and Naujawan Bharat Sabha (NBS) strongly condemn the police action on the teachers and students at India Gate on June 3rd, 2013. They were rightly protesting against FYUP imposed hurriedly by Delhi University.

We also strongly condemn the FYUP. The haste at which DU is bringing this course is clear indication of the intention of DU. If any reform, it has to be debated and academic fraternity must be convinced of the same. This indicates that there is some already a readymade programme that is being implemented. Otherwise, courses cannot be made in a month or so. This is also against democratic culture and norms of debate and discussion and shows that academic institutes have been taken over by whimsical, dictatorial individuals. This is a very dangerous trend.

The question is who asked this reform and why? Was there any demand from students or teachers of any university of college? No, this was the demand of MNCs, the corporate sector wanting to invest in education sector. They want courses in DU to be matching to their needs and structure. They are pressing and that is why government is backing it strongly and Vice Chancellor is standing on that backing. The police action too, is indicative of the strong mood and backing of the government for FYUP. NO major political party is actually opposing the same. If anything, they are just doing lip service.

It must be borne in mind that if this move succeeds in Delhi University, it will be imposed on other universities eventually. In addition, bills on education pending in parliament will also get a nod.

We demand that FYUP be withdrawn immediately and any move to commercialize and privatize education, making it to the dictates of prospective investors be stopped.


(Rajiv) Convenor, PDSU               

(Virendra) President, NBS