on Batla House Verdict: Statment by Delhi COmmittee of CPI(M-L) New Democracy

The Delhi committee of Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) New Democracy strongly opposes the verdict of the court on Batla House encounter. This verdict is biased and shows the mindset of ruling classes.

The court has completely ignored the fact that not a single local witness was produced. Moreover, court shamelessly justified it as not necessary. Similarly, every encounter has a magisterial inquiry, which was not done in this case and was again ignored by the court.

There are many fallacies in the entire police version, which was considered true. Like there was only one exit in the L-18 flat (place of so-called encounter) which is on second floor. How can two people escape from there when armed police was there? In case police knew that they are terrorists and it was planned, why house and its exits were sealed? Why was MC Sharma not wearing bulletproof jacket? If not, why police went there and without any inquiry, how did they reach conclusion? Why these people, (as claimed to be terrorists) have given their true details in tenant verification form? Special cell claim that these are forged by caretaker is baseless as within two hours they were submitted.

Why the dead bodies were not identified before burial? Why copy of Post Mortem report made public or not given to family members? Why no FIR lodged as mandatory in case of encounter?

Statement by Holy Family Hospital on 19.09.2008 says that no external material was found in chest of MC Sharma ant no bulletwas recovered. What happened to the bullets fired? Why  were they   not picked as it would have identified the pistol?

Immediately after the encounter, police told media that they were mastermind behind Jaipur and Delhi blasts. However, by then they have not even analyzed Saif’s laptop etc. How could they reach such a conclusions?

Killed people have bullet marks on their forehead and gunshot seemed very close? While an encounter was taking place, were they pleading to be shot, bent on there knees?

There are many more questions. The very fact that congress refused the demand of judicial probe as it felt it would have adverse effect on morale of police. (moral for killing people). Only some local leaders who were bothered about vote bank had controlled reaction. This indicates that on such matter there is no difference between any major ruling class parties.


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