SP Ministers’ attack on sacked officer condemned. Mafia dominate SP govt.

Press Release – 01.08.2013
UP committee of CPI (ML) New Democracy has condemned the vicious attack launched on  suspended IAS officer Durga Shakti Nagpal by powerful ministers of SP govt. Akhilesh Yadav govt is attacking the upright officer by invoking excuse of communal disturbance to cover up her fight to check illegal sand mining by mafia and builders in the Jamuna river which involves senior functionaries of the Samajwadi Party. No controversy relating to communal disturbance existed, leave alone warranting just her suspension.
Facts speak the truth and expose the falsehood being articulated the SP govt. Several communal riots took place in 2012 under SP rule in Aasthan Pratapgarh, Faizabad, Barielly, Mussourie Ghaziabad, Mathura, Allahabad, etc. Many deaths occured. Not a single officer was suspended. Here, without any communal disturbance the officer has been suspended and she along with all officers are being politically threatened by Shivpal Singh and Azam Khan.
Govts. in UP have been supporting illegal machine based mining in Jamuna and forcing officials to fall in line. SP Kaushambi Pratibha Ambedkar was transferred out the moment she instructed registration of cases against officials indulging in illegal activities in the Jamuna. In Bind – Morena a DSP was run over and killed by the sand mafia. The shooting down of DSP Zia ul Haq in Pratapgarh is linked to his opposition to and seizing of illegally mined sand by mafia dons. Now Durga Shakti Nagpal has been suspended.
Illegal, unlimited, mechanized mining of sand from the river bed is banned both in law and by several judgments of the High Court and Supreme Court to prevent disturbance to the river ecology, fishery, river bed farming, ferrying, grazing etc. The govts in UP, both of the BSP and SP have been violating the norms to help the big landlords and mafia who form an important political base of these parties. There are many mining contractor families with relatives as MPs and MLAs representing the SP, the BSP and the BJP. Whoever comes to power is captive to their interests and unfettered exploitation of river wealth at the cost of peoples’ livelihood continues unchecked. They use arms with support from the police to make poor people succumb to their pressure for illegal taxes.
 (Dr. Ashish Mital)

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