Call for Delhi election

Reject the current policies!                          Press NOTA Button!

Residents of Delhi,

Elections to the Delhi Assembly will be held on 4th December 2013. We call on you to exercise the option of None Of The Above (NOTA) by pressing the last button on the voting machine thereby making clear your rejection of the corrupt and anti-people parliamentary parties. This right of the voters has been incorporated into the machine itself this time by the Supreme Court sensing the anger of the people.  Rulers know clearly that people are rapidly giving up on them all. As is obvious, it is extremely difficult for pro-people political parties which actually rely on common people for finances to take part. Huge money and corporate media have big influence. The Election Commission ignores the use of both.

What are the options before the people of Delhi? Are they to vote for the Congress? The Congress ruling Delhi for the past fifteen years, which privatized electricity assuring citizens it was for their convenience. Gradually electricity has been made so expensive for the benefit of the corporate supplying it. Isn’t it trying the same with Jal Board? The Congress and its Chief Minister are not responsible for anything that happens in the city- not for security of women on the streets because policing is under the Home Ministry, not for adequate street lighting because that’s the Corporation’s job, not for rising prices of food because that’s for the Central Govt to look after, not for children falling ill after midday meals in govt schools because food is provided for by various NGOs, not for the streets overflowing with water during rains leading to traffic getting stuck because for that God is responsible. The Delhi Govt does nothing to control the escalating fees of private schools nor ensures that all children get a seat in a school, not even those looking for govt school education. Seats for higher education are denied to the vast majority of students passing out of Delhi’s schools with high marks. The Delhi Govt does nothing. Higher education has rapidly been commercialized in the city; even the Delhi Govt’s colleges charge high fees. Labour laws are not implemented in this city, not even those pertaining to industrial safety. Several workers have been thus killed. In the recent case in Raghubir Nagar six workmen have been burnt to death several being women. Then what is the Congress doing with its rule from Vidhan Sabha? Huge scams in the Commonwealth Games. Eating up the floodplains of the Yamuna by legalizing illegal constructions, suffocating the river. Shiela Dixit uses it to air her regressive views on women who work late into the night. It is used to diefy the policemen in the Jamia fake encounter case where, despite the widespread demand of democratic organizations and the struggle for a judicial enquiry, the Cong led Central Govt simply refused it.

Or are the people of Delhi to vote for the BJP?  Two parties, one policy. The Congress demands chemical castration, the BJP hanging in aggravated rapes; neither are with the protestors of Delhi in demanding speedy just trials and surety of convictions. State Govts run by both also do not ensure these nor security to women, but that doesn’t stop them from raising fascist solutions to impress how concerned they are about women. Congress organizes genocide of Sikhs in Delhi and criticizes anti-minority mayhem in Gujarat, the BJP vice versa. The policy of both these parties is that all people oriented services-water, electricity, food, education, health should be privatized and commercialized. Role of govts should be of awarding contracts and pocketing bribes. There should be no answerability towards and responsibility to the people.

The AAP Party, newly arrived on the electoral scene, describes itself as a ‘different‘. Different it is in that it proudly acclaims that big corporate are among its major donors for its electoral campaign. It is no different in its subservience to these interests. The other parliamentary parties are also given funds by the very same corporate like Jindal, Vedanta (whom the peoples movement has chased out of Niyamgiri) but do not acknowledge it. Thus  what will AAP do to ensure labour law implementation in this industrial city of Delhi, will it enforce industrial safety and will it enforce contract labour laws when all corporate rely on the exploitation of this labour? AAP party and Arvind Kejriwal do not speak of such issues. They do not give their opinion of commercialization of education and health in this city. They woo the middle class youth by organizing the electoral campaign along professional lines, intense use of social media, capitalization on the legacy of the people’s movement against corruption while ensuring that the entire movement has been diverted to electoral track much to the satisfaction and relief of the corporate. Does a party prove itself non-corrupt just because it acknowledges the source of its funding? No, because the issue is not of just ‘clean’ people but of clean politics. Is this possible without a change in policies? They claim to fight corruption without rejecting the policies which are its fountainhead. Kejriwal and his party do not speak of reorienting the pro-capitalist labour machinery of the city. Leaders of BJP and other parties who did not get tickets from their parties have joined AAP-do they enter the ranks of non-corrupt just by joining AAP?

Other parties-SP, BSP, CPM, CPI etc. are fighting on some or all seats in Delhi. None of them have any basic difference in policies as is clear from the policies they follow in the states they rule or ruled nor do they have any alternate vision for the city or its people. Look at the experiences of those other states and think, do you want to choose any of those options? The dalit upliftment of the BSP is clear from the experience of UP where its Govt ruled earlier. It maintains great distance from the first recommendation of the Mandal Commision that of radical land reforms. A poor, helpless woman servant is killed in a BSP MP’s residence and he is accused of helping hide the murder. Till date the BSP has taken no action against him.

Friends, see the state of the majority people of this city. What jobs there are  are  on contract and are temporary, price rise is steep and govts show no interest in reining them in nor are other parties making too much of an issue of it. Wages purchase less and less, the common youth and students of Delhi are on the streets and only English speaking elite youth are getting jobs. There is increasing violence against women and decreasing attention to it by the Govt. There is unrestricted entry of vulgar imperialist culture into the city, contractual jobs are on the rise even in govt. sector and even they are not able to get their rights. The real reason for this is that in the past 66 years India has been ruled by those ruling classes whom Bhagat Singh described as ‘black englishmen’. They worry about the interests of MNCs, of big corporate, of their own commissions through the sale of India and her wealth but not about the welfare of the people. Only a revolutionary change is the way out for India and her people and for that the forces of new democratic revolution should be strengthened.

Even the smallest problems of the people are not heeded to without struggles. Look at these elections as a struggle too and press the lowest button-the NOTA button. Make clear your anger, your rejection of these parties. When govts are made in a mileu of heavily reduced total votes there will be a moral defeat for the rulers and they will also learn to fear people’s anger.

Reject All These Anti people Parties in Delhi Election.

Press the last button on the voting machine.

 Delhi Committee



5 thoughts on “Call for Delhi election

  1. Then why dont CPI ML ND boycott elections? Boycott elections and takeup the naxalbari path. Join hands with HEROIC maoist party. Then people will believe you.

    1. @Prudhvi Azad ….your suggestion to ND is totally wrong . The maoist party may be ‘heroic’ . But they are not organising masses in class-mass organisations for any POLITICAL struggle against neo-liberal globalisation . When our country and people are being ENSLAVED through this policy , Maoists are continueing their “anti-FEUDAL” struggle , as they consider feudalism as MAIN contradiction . They are growing apolitical . They have no political future . Only by opposing both revisionism and extremism , we can take-on this anti-national policy .

  2. NOTA button is not so important . Let us FOCUS against the globalisation process . Let us create public opinion against this anti-people policy .
    Untill we organise the people to defeat and reverse this anti-national policy , we cannot emerge as a real ALTERNATIVE , at least in the coming days.

  3. Hi i am new to delhi,just came to know about nbs,i do want to join nbs,plz contact me. thank u, in my last comment i typed my e mail id just a bit wrong,so plz contact me to this e mail. thank u. joy

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