On Eradicating Corruption And Lost Magic Wand…..


We have new government in Delhi. It is hope for people of Delhi. It has come on the promise of eradicating corruption as main plank., it rode on people’s anger against corruption that they face in daily life and exposure of many scams in last a few years. It speaks of Jan lokpal as magic cure for this.

While not doubting their intentions, there are certain points that need to be pondered. One how does AAP propose to eradicate corruption without change in policies nurturing it.  Only a strong law (even this does not guarantee that appointed lokpal will not get corrupt) will not solve the problem. The big capital which is source of this corruption seems to be friendly with all these good intentioned people; in fact they are the one backing them.

Let’s look at certain examples. They want to cut down the electricity bills. Well we do not say it is not possible, it is well within the realm of possibilities.  But will it mean that big capitalists like Ambanis and Tatas getting replaced by others (perhaps Anil Agrawal/Jindal etc.)? Then what? New tricks to extract money from common people by these new operators?

Talking of removing contract labour system. Well it must be done and all aspects of this should be seen. It has corroded govt. establishment to small enterprises. In most of private sector, the workers are not even recorded anywhere. But most importantly, the policies that demand this ‘hire and fire’ regime, a regime that can bypass labour laws, what about them? Speak on policies and vision.

Otherwise you have to say we do not have a magic wand, which you had before possibility of forming government, while making promises and lost in the process perhaps …

—-more follows