General Elections 2014: Call by Delhi Committee of CPI(M-L) New Democracy


People of India are the ‘outsider’ in the system.

Revolution alone can bring genuine change.

Reject pro imperialist pro corporate policies. Press ‘NOTA’ button.

Dear friend,

People’s fatigue with all promises, with policies that rob them of employment, ransack their savings and increase their burdens is giving parliamentary parties of India jitters. People’s longing for governance that does not loot and exploit both the country and the people as well as the powerful struggles of people who have stood up and defended land, resources, rights have unsettled the parliamentary arena. This is reflected in Parliamentary elections 2014.

BJP and AAP are going among people offering their ‘new’ness in aggressive campaigning. The Congress is repackaging its goods and hoping to drown thinking by high pitched exposures of opponents. SP and BSP are relying on traditional vote banks; all are knitting caste and sectorial equations into their propaganda.

‘Outsider’ is the watchword. Even Rahul Gandhi says he is an ‘outsider’ which his party has held power at the Centre for past ten years. The truth is that all these leaders have been very much around in the political dispensations and know the system inside out. They also recognize people’s hatred of the policies which are bleeding them and the country. But they are all one on the policies of and imperialist dependent model of development designed to facilitate imperialist loot. Scope of reforms has totally narrowed down; hence newcomers are needed to hold a hope for ‘change’. But all parliamentary parties are status quoists. Some seek to invoke a tea boy past others seek to link themselves with Lal Bahadur Shastri or Bhagat Singh. The harsh reality is that the only ‘outsiders’ are the common people of India for whom this system holds nothing.

‘Change’ is what the major aspirants to top leadership speak about. The only genuine change is revolutionary change, which is anathema to all of them. Will their ‘change’ extend to withdrawal of pro-imperialist policies which are ruling since 1947 irrespective of which parliamentary parties or fronts are in power? Will their ‘change’ give a fair and equal education system, employment to all? Will the state oppose patriarchy? Will this ’change’ of any of them give land to the tiller? The law of the land says abolish contract labour for corporate is the route for profits. Will any of these ‘changes’ abolish contract labour, not the fancy terms of ‘phased withdrawal as AAP has prevaricated.

Slowly campaign among the major parties are around individual leaders and their bytes and bywards with diffuseness about political positions. Who is backed by which corporate is talked about; will any of these parliamentary parties say unequivocally that the policy of allowing corporate to loot the mineral resources of India shall be stopped forthwith? Cancellation of all leases- this question is lost in the sound and fury no parliamentary party wants it to be an issue.

The country is in grip of economic crisis. Prices are rising, manufacturing is in slowdown, jobs are contractual, labour laws are shut n books. The dual education system flourishes with al steps pulled out for privatization and expensive education. Higher education is being curtailed to the needed of foreign universities and quality is under attack to help he ‘guest’. FYUP in Delhi University is most important case in point. Women face violence in every facet of life, sexual harassment at workplace even by the high and mighty is prevalent, patriarchal values and attitudes are nourished by political system. Which parliamentary party opposes khap panchayats- Congress gets votes in Haryana through them, BJP is making an anti-Muslim base in them, Kejriwal defends them as ‘social’ organizations. The others are no better.

Minorities especially Muslims are targeted for votes. Only democratic organization and communist revolutionaries support demand for a judicial probe into false encounter in Jamia. As one of policeman was killed, no one can care to try to unearth the facts in the atmosphere of pseudo patriotism. Which party states unequivocally that arrests of Muslim youth in false cases will be stopped, that the policemen framing the false cases will be arrested, that the politicians responsible for the murder of Ishrat Jahan will be punished? But in the elections; parliamentary parties are friends of minorities especially Muslims.

Look at the electoral system itself; the election Commission extols the people to ‘choose their representatives.’ It has stopped all cheap methods of propaganda, and this year increased the poll expenses of a candidate three fold to Rs. 70 lakh (of course the real expense is much more). Can such people be representatives of ordinary people? The elections system is such the even if only 30% votes are polled and the candidate who gets most- even if 20% of this 30% – is declared elected! Parties and candidates spew false promises. There is no right to recall candidates who go back on their promises.

Recognising the anger of the people, and on the demands of the democratic movement, the right to reject all candidates which is there in the electoral process, has been given a finite form on the ballot box by the Supreme Court by the last button or NOTA button (None Of The Above). It sus method to remind the parliamentary parties of the strength of the people’s opinion, a method to register people’s anger through the electoral process.

Reject the parliamentary Parties. Press the NOTA button.

Delhi Committee

Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) New Democracy


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