, Report on alleged plan of cow slaughter in JJ Colony Bawan

Dated: October 5th, 2014

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A team comprising of Dr. Mrigank (Delhi Committee, Indian Federation of Trade Unions, IFTU), Poonam Kaushik (Gen. Secy. Pragatisheel Mahila Sangathan, PMS), Rajeev (Convener, Progressive Democratic Students’ Union, PDSU) visited JJ Colony Bawana on October 5th, 2014 and made investigations into the reports of alleged planned cow slaughter and intimidation of Muslims.

Bawana JJ Colony is situated opposite CRPF Camp near Bawana City. It has resettled people, displaced from Yamuna Pushta, Saraswati Vihar, Laxmi Nagar etc. its population is about 1.5 lakh and about 70% are Muslims (as we were told). Most of them are factory workers or doing petty jobs.It is under Outer Delhi district of Delhi Police and two Police stations covers the area. Bawana PS covers village and Narela covers JJ Colony. Mr. Udit raj of BJP is MP here, who was not even seen by the people. We were told by people that CPI (M-L) New Democracy has sent an urgent e-mail to Commissioner of Police, Delhi demanding urgent deployment of forces.

We reached JJ Colony and first met Noorul Qasim (Area President, Jamai E Ulema e Hind and President Madarsa Jamia Rahmana). He along with others narrated the incidents. We found that on 2nd of October, a mob of 200 odd youths invaded the Colony. They had 3-4 police constable with them, as they called police on pretext of some cows being hidden in JJ Colony. They broke into four groups with one constable each. Obviously they found nothing. They caught a man with cow, who was bashed up. He turned out to be one Mahesh from A Block. He was a cowmen selling the milk. He told them his religion, but they refused to believe. Then he showed the pictures of Hindu gods in his room. They left him, and later JJ Colony. They threw stones and a boy was heart. This was done in presence of constable Ramkaran and Amit. His MLC was done, but no one knows if any case has been registered or not.

Next day, late in night (around 12:15 or so) a man from Bawana City came with two cows and tried to infiltrated them into JJ Colony. Alert, as the residents of JJ Colony, were caught him and handed over the man and cows to police. It seems that man was related to some cop and was treated like guest. Again, the residents were not aware if any case has been registered or not.

SHO called both people at different times to police station. The people of JJ colony went later. They were intimidated and beaten right in police station in front of cops. Later when they told the same to SHO, he told that they should have called. They told him it was not possible in the hush up and he check in the CCTV footage. Finding it on CCTV, an action was promised.

These people were accompanied by prominent Hindus of the area. We also talked to them One Mr. Paswan told us that it is a matter of colony where Muslims celebrates Diwali and Hindus participate in Eid. Even Muslim folks participated wholeheartedly in recently concluded Durga Pooja. He asserted that they will not allow outsiders to break harmony. We also talked to Dr. Mishra. He also echoed the same sentiments.

Failing twice, these people put up a poster in the name of Hindu Krantikari Sena, showing a picture of cow slaughter and calling all cow loving people to a ‘shapath samaroh’. This was to be held on Sunday at 12:00 noon at a cowshed (गौशाला) in Hirevali village. Our team went there and talked to people. They were about 250 youths from nearby villages like Herevali, Pooth Khurd, Bawana and Bajitpur. Among main organizers were nephew of Mr. Pawan Sharma (BJP MLA) and Mahendra. They told us many stories. Some of them were common propaganda like they keep 4 wives, increasing populations etc. and some unbelievable like there are truckloads of cows in JJ Colony. It is unbelievable, because the size of plots given to the residents of JJ colony are too small to hide cows and that too truckloads of them. Anyway, we talked to them, they had a swearing in ceremony of this outfit.

It is also reported by some people that minority residents of Bawana village are living in fear. As they are far less in numbers and are scattered all over. Many of them have left the houses and children are not going to schools. Even children from JJ Colony who studies at Bawana School are not going. Not just that, they have forced to stop Ajaan, and are even planning a Bhagat Singh ka Bhandara at the place, where namaz is to be held.

From the above it is clear that:

  1. That the allegations that there is plan of cow slaughter is bogus. There is no possibility of hiding the cows. And no cows were found.
  2. That there is intimidation of Muslims and they are living amidst fear. The police protection is not enough.
  3. That the organizations like Hindu Krantikari Sena are not spontaneous organizations. It is clears from the fact that among the main organizer was the nephew of BJP MLA. Also total inactivity of BJP MP is a clear indication.
  4. That there is total communal harmony in JJ Colony and even today they are together.
  5. Apart from communal, even class bias is clearly seen. As most of thses people are from working class or poor background, their lives have not become an issue at all.


It is demanded that:

  1. There should be enough police protection to prevent any untoward incident. There are about 15 places of sacrifice. Police should be deployed there also to prevent any mis-happenings.
  2. The people inciting, and spreading rumours should be arrested booked.
  3. Cases should be registered on the people who were involved in beating, stone pelting and guilty policemen should also be booked.




Dr. Mrigank (Delhi Committee, Indian Federation of Trade Unions, IFTU),
Phone 9268708291


Poonam Kaushik (Gen. Secy. Pragatisheel Mahila Sangathan, PMS),


Rajeev (Convener, Progressive Democratic Students’ Union, PDSU)




One thought on “, Report on alleged plan of cow slaughter in JJ Colony Bawan

  1. Dated: October 6th, 2014
    Press statement
    IFTU has conducted an inquiry into alleged plan of cow slaughter in JJ Colony Bawana yesterday. A report is attached. Due to public pressure, enough police force was deployed to prevent any unfortunate incident. However, the possibility of continuing attempts to infuse communal tension are still remain.

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