Memorandum to Commissioner of Police (Delhi) on Bawana and Trliokpuri

Dated: November 3rd, 2014


The Commissioner of Police (Delhi),
Police Head Quarters,
New Delhi
Subject: Communal tension in areas of Delhi like Bawana and Trilokpuri.


On behalf of Pragatisheel Mahila Sangathan (PMS) and Indian Federation of trade unions (IFTU) we wish to apprise you of certain facts about flaring up of communal tension in the above mentioned areas. There are forces continuously trying to rouse the communal feelings of the people and pitting the communities against each other as well as infusing sense of fear among minorities. And in these cases police has apparently played a role of connivance.

In Bawana, yesterday a ‘Mahapanchayat’ was held. The very pamphlet for calling this is full of communal propaganda and threat to minorities. There were inciting speeches given by the organizers. Among the speakers were the MLA of BJP and councillors of BJP and Congress. They have dared the Muslims to come on main road with Tazia procession on the day of Moharram (i.e. tomorrow). Residents of nearby villages were also mobilized to one, organize people on line of communal hatred and secondly to instil the fear among minorities. It is very unfortunate that responsible people have given such speeches and even more unfortunate that it all happened in the presence of police. It is imperative duty of police to stop such instigating speeches but it chose to be a mute spectator.

In this process, they were able to terrorize the minority enough to change the route of procession and confine it. To observe religious rituals and tradition is a right given by the constitution and not allowing it by way of social or communal terror is totally against the law and spirit of the constitution.

Similarly in Trilokpuri, people have been arrested indiscriminately and minority has been a special target. People have been arrested just like that, having food in house, taking bath, and people from all ages from minors to old have been picked by police.

In view of above we demand:

  1. Enough police deployment in the areas to prevent occurring of any untoward incident, particularly on the day of Moharram, both in Bawana and Trilokpuri.
  2. Instigating gatherings like Mahapanchayat should not be allowed to take place, and if they do, inciting speeches should be prevented.
  3. All innocent people arrested in Trilokpuri should be released without delay.
  4. The connivance of police in these matters should be inquired into and action be taken against guilty.

Sir, these are the some of the points in brief. We request you to kindly look into the matter and take personal interest in the same and resolve them.

Thanking you


(Poonam Kaushik)                                                                       (Dr. Mrigank)
General Secretary,                                                                       Delhi Committee
PMS                                                                                                       IFTU
981136242                                                                                 9268708291


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