Press Release on Communal tension in areas of Delhi like Bawana and Trilokpuri.

Dated: November 3rd, 2014

Press Release
Communal tension in areas of Delhi like Bawana and Trilokpuri.

A delegation of Pragatisheel Mahila Sangathan (PMS) and Indian Federation of trade unions (IFTU)  submitted a memorandum to then Commissioner of Police. Delegation was comprising of Dr. Mrigank, Com. Debashish, Com, Jai Prakash (Member Delhi Committee IFTU), Poonam Kaushik (gen Secy PMS) and Sneha (PMS). A team of PMS and IFTU has already visited these places on Saturday and Sunday.

This was in view of ongoing and growing tension in the areas of Bawana and Trilokpuri, where Hindu Communal forces are playing their game of inciting tension and instilling the sense of fear among minorities. Delhi Police too, seem to have conniving with them. It inactivity for Hindu Communal forces and over activity and terrorizing tactics for minorities is indicative of the same. Holding of Mahapanchayat in Bawana openly challenging the Tazia procession and forcing its route to be changed in presence of police and then total inactivity in Trilokpuri and later over activity in arresting innocent Muslim is indicative of the same.

The pattern in both places was similar to that seen in Muzaffarnagar or Gujarat. BJP leaders have started the flaring up activities on false and fabricated pretexts and then mobilizing people to attack minorities. In Bawana it was more close to Muzaffarrnagar as Mahapanchayat (It followed a meeting of many villages Gauraksha committee just prior to Eid) was held similar to combined village community meetings held there.

It was demanded

  1. Enough police deployment in the areas to prevent occurring of any untoward incident, particularly on the day of Moharram, both in Bawana and Trilokpuri.
  2. Instigating gatherings like Mahapanchayat should not be allowed to take place, and if they do, inciting speeches should be prevented.
  3. All innocent people arrested in Trilokpuri should be released without delay.
  4. The connivance of police in these matters should be inquired into and action be taken against guilty.
  5. Bus service in Trilokpuri should be restored.


(Poonam Kaushik)                                                                      (Dr. Mrigank)
General Secretary, PMS                                                               Delhi Committee, IFTU
981136242                                                                                 9268708291


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