Vote for NOTA in the Current Delhi Assembly Elections Reject the Pro corporate, Anti people, Anti national Policies

The Battle Between Faces is to Conceal Consensus in Policies

Vote for NOTA in the Current Delhi Assembly Elections

Reject the Pro corporate, Anti people, Anti national Policies

Dear Fellow citizens of Delhi,

The electoral battle for winning the Delhi Assembly polls is on in the city. The major parliamentary parties are making tall promises to the electorate and enticing their vote by projection of leaders with high profiles in corporate media. These parties are no longer even pretending that money does not play a decisive role in elections and the city is emblazoned with larger than life photos and banners; there are also advertisements in metros, on TV channels, radio and social media. Where BJP leads in this and Congress is also present, AAP is showing similar ability quite belying its name of ‘aam admi’. As there is no basic difference in policies, on the path before the country and hence Delhi to solve the real problems facing the people, so the focus is on different faces of leaders. Each is credited with magical powers- in the Lok Sabha elections it was Modi whose very advent was to drive away price rise, corruption, unemployment, and bring home black money. Now it is Kejriwal who will make electricity cheap, regularize contract workers, bring down prices drive away corruption. In all this hype is drowned the policy consensus. While it was Modi Govt. which brought bills for what trade unions across described as anti-worker changes in labour laws, it was Congress who helped pass them in Rajya Sabha and no protest was voiced by the 4 MPs of AAP or their leaders in Delhi.

At this time there is a BJP Govt. at the Centre. More than eight months of Modi rule have lapsed, yet neither has price rise vanished nor has unemployment, women continue to face insecurity ,black money is where it was and the statements of the Govt. on this score sound similar to those of the earlier UPA Govt. Every state election has been made a referendum on Modi; but in Delhi, BJP hesitated both because the citizens here remain well versed with what the Centre is doing and also because there is a strong regional party in AAP. To cover Modi, Kiran Bedi has been brought and with this step BJP has conceded possibility of defeat. The entire city knows that whatever the promises , every service is being privatized and commercialized, amendments forced by peasant and Adivasi movements and martyrdoms to the colonial Land Acquisition Act are being revoked. Kiran Bedi as a police officer in Delhi was responsible for brutal attacks on agitating lawyers, and this of course goes well with the contempt for civil liberties of the RSS. In Bawana, Trilokpuri, Seelampur and other areas, Hindutva organizations tried to target Muslims to communally polarize the people. The Central Govt sat silent though the BJP ex-MLA in Trilokpuri responsible for the same and police guilty of anti Muslim violence, though its leaders addressed mahapanchayats in Bawana while its elements organized Hindu youth for effecting polarization. On women’s security, the argument of Bedi having been a policewoman is laughable- does Delhi police inspire confidence in women of Delhi? Attacks have taken place out of the blue on churches. Out of the blue attacks have taken place on churches. Prices of crude oil have halved in the international market but BJP does not give the same relief to the people. In the name of defending women’s security ABVP held a programme against Love Jihad in Delhi University but DUSU (now led by ABVP) spoke not a word against the murder of a final year student of Venkateshwar College by her parents just because she married according to her own choice.

The AAP is busy singing praises of its 49 day rule in Delhi. It does not explain why it needed to resign so precipitously on Lokpal when it had already eradicated corruption just by coming to power? Why did the AAP MLA from Trilokpuri refuse to help the Muslims, why did he not go among the people of his constituency and expose the BJP’s designs, why did other AAP leaders not rush to the area if their MLA failed to act there, why did not Kejriwal or any other leader speak up against the same designs in Bawana or Seelampur? How should the silence of AAP on the Muzaffarnagar anti-Muslim violence be interpreted? AAP opposed the ordinance on Land Acquisition only because compensation would decrease, not because it snatched away the right of peasantry to refuse consent. Why in 2013 did AAP provide for electricity subsidy for only two months – and why subsidy when the issue was clear that the corporate suppliers were fudging figures to jack up expenses on paper to justify rate hikes? Why does AAP give certificates of ‘social organization’ to Khap panchayats? Why promise to eradicate contractual jobs when AAP only set up a committee to study the problem after coming to power, when AAP has not opposed the anti-worker changes in labour laws? AAP has no objection leave alone policy alternative to bringing in FDI and corporate demand cheap labour? Kejriwal is going around asking if he ’looks like a naxalite’. Apart from the fact that he needs to explain what naxalites specifically look like, he is totally right on one count-he cannot be mistaken for one. Naxalites and the revolutionary movement have continually sacrificed and given martyrdoms for the real freedom of the people of India.

Imagining that the people of Delhi have forgotten the 15 years of the corrupt, arrogant insulting- to- women misrule of Sheila Dixit, the Congress is also in the fray in all seats of Delhi. Also are other parliamentary parties like Shiv Sena, BSP and others. The official Left parties are also in the fray and while they may oppose the divisive communal policies of Hindutva forces all these parliamentary parties have a consensus on basic policies. That is why they have no answer of how they will curb price rise how will they remove poverty how will they revitalize the economy when their policies are anti people and are meant to serve the interests of foreign and local corporate and of landlords .

There were two opposite paths of development open before India in1947.One was the path taken by the rulers and which all the parliamentary parties implement and stand by. These have brought India to its present situation. The other was the path which the Telangana movement stood for; self reliance, development of local market by land to the tiller and living wage and rights to workers. This is the India that communist revolutionaries are fighting for. Parliamentary parties reject this path and call the revolutionaries as ‘terrorists’ and some do not even want to ‘look’ like one.

None of the parliamentary parties are willing for a path which is pro people- when they serve the interests of a vested section how can their policies be different? When they come asking you for votes question them on parties- they have no solutions ,only promises which will prove to be baseless. When candidates come asking for votes question them on the basic issues of the people and they will have no concrete answers. The only way people can solve their real problems is through building movements on their basic issues.

Friends, express your rejection of the policies of these parties and candidates and to their false promises by voting for NOTA. A vote for NOTA signifies a moral defeat for the anti people policies of these parliamentary parties.

Delhi Committee
CPI (ML) New Democracy

CPI (ML) New Democracy


One thought on “Vote for NOTA in the Current Delhi Assembly Elections Reject the Pro corporate, Anti people, Anti national Policies

  1. Will NOTA satisfy you or your revolutionary theory? Why we don’t have enough candidates from your party? Do you think, your appeal will have any effect? Doing to complete your theoretical obligations?
    Come on! Please adhere to real revolutionary ideology, work with proletarians and stop unnecessary rhetoric, this will not help you even an inch!

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