CPI (M-L) New Democracy on Cuurent situation

Dated: 27th August 2015

Press Release

The Delhi Committee of the CPI(ML) New Democracy demands that the Modi Govt. answer the people whether its electoral promise of ‘creating jobs’ meant poorly paid casual, contractual, temporary jobs, finishing employment assurance for apprentices, pushing down pay and job security by privatizing and commercializing and giving hollow slogans . That is all that this Govt. has done, leading to tremendous restlessness among the youth with rising unemployment and sky rocketing prices of all essential commodities. Now even changing the baseline of GDP cannot camouflage the rising impoverishment of the majority of the people, the attacks on their land, their wages and their jobs.

Delhi Committee CPI (ML) New Democracy condemns the attempts, especially of the ruling party and also of other parliamentary parties, to divert the anger of the youth and the people on caste lines against the reservation policy. The reality is that there are no jobs worth the name at all, what exist are being made non regular, wages are being depressed. Production is export driven, the world is in the grip of economic depression and Indian rulers since 1947 have refused to develop the home market by radical land reforms. Modi Govt.’s pro corporate drive is further intensifying the attacks on the people. The anger of the people is being misdirected by the parliamentary parties and especially the party in power at the centre for electoral purposes and away from questioning of the pro corporate policies towards demanding scrapping of reservation policy. Keeping Bihar in mind, upper caste mobilization is being promoted and also attention is being diverted from the pro corporate attacks on the people.

Youth, students and common people of upper castes are being mobilized to demand inclusion in reserved sections to actually make a mockery of reservations. In this propaganda blitz people fail to realize that firstly there are no jobs and that government educational institutions are hardly increasing. Commercialization has driven education out of the reach of the majority of people. Instead of raising democratic demands for jobs for all and equal educational opportunities for all, youth and people in Gujarat have been mobilized by Hindutva forces. The leader of the agitation openly displays arms and is free to do so for many days though state repression is let loose on those fighting peasants who are forced to armed resistance in self defense. The situation is deliberately escalated by police violence and the VHP jumps in immediately suggesting a review of the reservation policy. Under attack is the issue of affirmative action for castes who have faced discrimination for centuries and are at the receiving end even in modern India.

The Delhi Committee of the CPI (ML) New Democracy calls on the people of the city to respond with vigilance. How is it that the religion based census was released overnight at this juncture despite being ready for long? Not only is polarization for Bihar Elections being attempted, there is also determined, all out effort at caste and communal polarization to distract from real issues. People’s anger has forced postponement of the changes in land acquisition laws while working class is poised to go on a daylong united strike against pro corporate attacks by Modi Govt. In Delhi and elsewhere students are fighting communalization, commercialization of education and the move to include education under GATS in WTO.

Delhi has seen repeated attempts by Hindutva forces in past one year to attempt communal polarization. We call on the people of Delhi and on all democratic and progressive forces to speak out against pro corporate policies, to forcefully demand policies for self-reliance for creating jobs for all and against casteist and communal polarization. Not end to socially affirmative action of reservation but pro people, anti-imperialist policies are the need of the hour.

Delhi Committee,
CPI (ML) New Democracy


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