Oppose Communal conspiracies Against People’s Unity Advance the Struggles on Democratic Issues of the People

Over the past one and a half years, an energized programme is on to divide the people of India on the basis of religion while pushing through policies for further opening the country to imperialist loot which had been held at bay by people’s struggles. Muzzafarnagar marked one high point of the attempt, where Muslims were driven out of the fabric of the rural areas which had seen coexistence for centuries. Since the coming of BJP RSS Modi Govt. to power at the centre, the Hindutva forces are more emboldened and aggressive. They have launched a multi-pronged thrust. In Western UP several incidents making for low key communal polarization continued. In Delhi we saw Bavana, Trilokpuri, Khejuri Khas and Balsawa where similar communal polarization was attempted with police acting as assistants. The Hindutva forces tried bringing the issue of ‘bahu beti izzat bachao’ and love jihad to the universities, but met with little response among the upper caste youth of majority community who are already sick of Khap dictates on their right of choice. Durga Vahinis entered metropolises to dictate behavior to youth and were again rebuffed. This year, just prior to Bakr Id, these forces launched a campaign initially demanding a ‘meat ban’ during a Jain religious programme, which transformed into a beef ban. Insidiously beef eating was made synonymous with cow killing. This was the context of the lynching at Bisada. Even as condemnations poured in, similar mob attacks were held in a number of places in North India, the major being in Shahpur and in Jammu. Central Govt. Ministers openly justified the attacks as well as did a whole host of Hindutva leaders as well as Chief Ministers of BJP ruled state governments.
With the organizing of upper castes for blatantly illegal attacks, the inevitable happened. Attacks by them began in Haryana. The RSS BJP defended these too with the Central Minister and ex-Army Chief, V.K. Singh condemning criticism of the central govt. ‘when a stone is thrown at dogs’ and defending and repeating his statement in the face of the outcry against it. Through this entire period, the Prime Minister was continually giving speeches but not once did he condemn these incidents, showing the full complicity of the Central Govt. of so called ‘development’.
The Govt. is filling all academic bodies, all historical, cultural and scientific bodies with RSS sympathizers. Scientific evidence is being discarded for myths in distorting the history of India. A wholesale attack on modern basic scientific research is on with the propagation of myths in the name of science and distorted claims about past knowledge. Funds for basic scientific research are being hacked with the most thorough form up to now being the ‘Dehradun Declaration’ after a ‘chintan shivir’ in which ministries and RSS representatives participate.
In the backdrop is the continual attempts to push through policies where mineral resources and land can be handed over to corporate, where workers can be stripped of all rights to attract foreign companies. The Govt. is preparing to bring education under GATS. A host of policies are being announced to bring in FDI in all spheres. Prices are rising relentlessly and various sections of the people are coming out in struggles.
Many sections have come out against the attempts of the Hindutva forces to divide the people on communal lines and against the venomous anti-Muslim propaganda and violence. Artists, writers, scientists and many sections of working people have spoken out against the communal conspiracies. Working class leaders, students, women activists, youth and intellectuals held a big protest in Delhi demanding an answer on Bisada from the Prime Minister. We call on you to join our campaign against the communal conspiracies of the Hindutva forces.
Delhi Committee, CPI (ML) New Democracy


One thought on “Oppose Communal conspiracies Against People’s Unity Advance the Struggles on Democratic Issues of the People

  1. Strengthen class unity, class struggle to defeat rise of fascism! Teaching working class, peasants Secularism, love is fine but political consciousness of the need of their class hegemony, defeating capitalism more important!

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