Trump Govt. Stop Killings and Attacks of Indians in America! Trumpet of Trump, Modi Govt. Condemn these attacks! Ensure Protection to Indians in America.


In the context of the racist, chauvinist, anti immigrant ranting of President Trump hate crimes are on against Indians in America. First a young IT Professional was killed and his friend injured in an obvious hate crime. Next was the turn of a Gujarati businessman right outside the store he owned, with the State administration fervently denying this crime was race related. Anyway, just the day after, came the stabbing of a Sikh youth whose attacker yelled at him to ‘go home’’.

These crimes are on in a country whose ‘founding fathers’ were themselves immigrants. The indigenous of America were marginalized and are barely represented in today’s American society which has been taken over dominantly by the whites. The Trump Govt. is projecting itself as the representative of their interests, though the young American who was injured while challenging the killer in the first incident showed that Americans do not subscribe to Trump’s agenda. In fact, the immigrants from the poor and developing countries of the world have done much of the work which has made America ‘’great’’ in the first place. They are spread through America’s institutes of science, centres of medicine, IT industry, its space research centres and are also part of its general workforce. This huge army of technically trained immigrants have been trained at the cost of their parent countries.

Trump has come to power in America on the support of the white American middle class and the politics of hate he is pouring out is meeting public opposition from the American people. However, the silence of PM Modi , who speaks on all issues , is resounding. It took the Trump administration several days to be forced into condemning the first murder,that too in general terms. However, PM Modi is yet to speak out and condemn the Trump Govt. whose uttered policy has made Indians the target of hate crimes. He is yet to speak to demand the safety of the thousands and thousands of Indians settled in that country. Actually, the Hindutva forces have been left in the lurch by these killings. They thoroughly approve of the anti Muslim edge of Trump’s ranting and are taken aback to see that immigrant hatred will translate into attacks on all Indians too. Modi Govt. uses the excuse of ‘nationalism’ to physically attack all alternative opinion. Trump has used the same slogan to create an atmosphere of hate resulting in the killing of Indians.

Come together, friends. Let us condemn these heinous hate crimes. Support the democratic movement in America which is opposing Trumps’ racism and xenophobia. But let us also forcefully speak out against the silence of our own PM. He is not daring to speak out against these killings which are direct results of the politics of hate being trumpted by Trump. The Foreign Minister’s function is restricted to tweeting. The Govt. intervention cannot be limited to this and the Indian Ambassador helping the family to bring the body back to India.

India’s Govts have followed policies which have left its trained technical personnel forced to seek jobs in other countries. This Modi Govt. is accelerating all those policies and in addition is executing its own policies of hate. Force it to speak up for the safety of Indians oversees especially in America. Oppose Trump-Modi politics of hate.